Nine dishes for a feast fit for a South African

Nine dishes for a feast fit for a South African. Discover some of the delectable cuisines that South Africa has to offer, such as bobotie and rabbit chow.

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Bobotie, a curried mince pie native to South Africa

This is a popular South African dish made with savory custard on top of gently spiced curried mince.


Cayenne adds a spicy spice to this South African Malay stew.

Shanks of lamb cooked in beer with mieliepap

This traditional creamy maize meal side dish complements the lamb shank stew, also a South African specialty. 

Curry of spicy Durban chicken

This colorful curry of chicken originates from the east coast of South Africa. Also not to be taken lightly!

Bunny chow, or curry-rolled chicken

South African rabbit chow, a cheap supper that is adored for its portability and robust, rich flavors, consists of curry within a hollowed-out bread loaf.

Breeded lamb

Bredie means stew in Malay. This meal is a terrific winter warmer now, but in the past it was a poor man’s cuisine in South Africa.

Mandarin milk tart, or melktert

This is a custard dessert with a South African twist, also created with a sweet milk filling and a dash of cinnamon. 

Berries poached in Rooibos tea

These mouthwatering poached pears are enhanced by the distinct flavor of traditional South African rooibos tea 카지노사이트.


Learn about the South African variant of the doughnut, also coated in sweet syrup. Also each one is expertly twisted into a mouthwatering deep-fried treat.

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